Big 2 Bonanza – Facebook Poker App Hits 100,000 Players

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Facebook Poker App Hits 100,000 Players

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1 April 2013

Localoco, a social game developer celebrates the achievement of their Big Two Poker application that recently hit one hundred thousand monthly users after released as Beta Testing version on January 2013. Since the first time it was unveiled, Big 2 Bonanza has gained very enthusiastic responses from Facebook users especially those who live in Asian countries.

Big 2 Bonanza is an online version of a popular social card games called Big Two Poker, one of the most popular Asian card games that has been played for decades.

First launched as BETA version on Facebook by the end of January this year, started with less than 300 players, Big 2 Bonanza is now ready to seize their claws to get to the top of social game’s ranking.

“We are proud to announce Big 2 Bonanza achievement,” said Kobi Edelstein, Co-founder and CEO of Localoco. “This demonstrates the enthusiasm of players to have a friendlier and simpler Facebook Poker app where all players from all levels can join together, play in one table. A game that brings both nostalgia and tradition together”.

Since its inception, Big 2 Bonanza has been through various kinds of BETA testing to mix and match the components to add more attractive features and make it more fun as well as more functional. The developers behind the game also commit to keep improving Big 2 Bonanza in term of performance, speed and quality. Localoco is also planning to bring Big 2 Bonanza to smaller screens – Android and iOS devices very soon.


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Big 2 Bonanza on Facebook


About Localoco

LocaLoco is a startup company that specializes in developing social games focusing on emerging countries market. They see high potential and rapidly growing consumer on emerging countries while keeping their mission to delight players globally with local favorites and create one big community of fun.


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