Big 2 Bonanza Poker Game Now Available from the Chrome Store

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big 2 bonanza chrome

Successfully gained over 100,000 monthly active players on Facebook, now Localoco released Big 2 Bonanza open beta version in Chrome browser.

Google recently claimed that their Chrome browser currently has about 750 million active users on a global scale which makes the browser is the most popular browser in the world and Localoco found it as an opportunity to introduce Big 2 Bonanza to reach more and more players.

Big 2 Bonanza is a popular Poker card game available in Facebook launched early this year. The game is an online version of the popular poker game known as Big 2 Poker, Capsa, Deuces, Pu Soy Dos and some other nicknames. The game has been played by people around the world, especially in Asia for decades.

Big 2 Bonanza can be found on the Chrome Store < > by searching for Big 2 Bonanza in the search field and quickly install the application in the browser.

Or players can also click the following link to get into the application faster:

Big 2 Bonanza – Chrome




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