Emerging Market and Social Gaming

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Social Games Potential in Emerging Countries

We are compiling data and interesting facts about social gaming and emerging market. It is always interesting to discover how people who live in emerging market can be perfect target for social games. Here are some of our findings:

Social Games are the most used applications on social networks in China
Niko Partners, a company specializes in Asian video game market intelligence published 28 pages report of China’s Casual and Social Games Report 2012 that reveals important analysis of China’s social and casual gamers’ behavior and statistic. It was mentioned that social games are the most used applications on social networking sites in China.

In China, social games can be more interesting rather than web games as it doesn’t the type of game can be played anywhere, simple as it doesn’t need us to download any heavy file and there are millions of people who can welcome us to play together, even without having to introduce ourselves.


Huge Turnover
According to Newzoo, a market research and consulting firm based in Amsterdam, Netherland, Brazilian, Mexican and Russian gamers might spend billion Dollars for games. Based on Newzoo infographic, they revealed total money spent on social network games were $95 million in Mexico, $150 million in Russia and $220 million in Brazil.


Potential Countries


Latest research of Social and Mobile Gaming in China and Korea recently done by Newzoo showed that 85% of 190 million Chinese internet users play games on social networks. The number of those who do not want to spend their money on games is also lesser in China compared to US. Only 36% of total gamers do not want to pay for games while in the number is close to 53% in US.

Approximately 45% of the 125M Chinese social gamers also spend money here, resulting in a 13% share of wallet of total game spending.


According to Bertrand Chaverot, Ubisoft managing director of Brazil and South America, Brazil is the second largest country in the world for Facebook in term of users. It is also one of the most social countries in the world.

Brazil can potentially be one of the most potential targets for social games considering the number of social network users, also total money and time spent on both web and mobile gaming.


Deepak Abbot, Vice President Product of Zapak.co said that there are more than 10 million Facebook users in India, which also means more than 50% of total Facebook users, play social games.  Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2011 by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce Industry told us that India accounts for an estimated 8-10 million social gamers and Zinga has around 270 million monthly active users for 2011.



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