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Big 2 Bonanza, the best Big 2 poker action game

Hi players, thank you for visiting our blog.
This is where we keep you updated with our app development progress.
As you all knew, we have recently launched a big hit on Facebook by releasing an online card game called Big 2 Bonanza, the best Big 2 poker action game and our effort certainly won’t stop until this phase.

We’ll keep improving the application and make it better everyday.
Have you joined  Big 2 Bonanza yet?
If not, why don’t you just click the link below and play :D

You can also join Big 2 Bonanza community on Facebook and follow Big 2 Bonanza on Twitter to get the most up-to-date info.

Another exciting news for Big Two card game lover:
We are currently preparing to bring Big 2 Bonanza to smaller screen. YES!
It will soon be available on Android and iOS devices which means you can take the game everywhere with you inside your pocket. Cool, isn’t it?

So, stay tune and keep playing Big 2 Bonanza!



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