What is your Big 2 rule?

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Big2 Card Game Rule

Big Two card game is very popular card game that has been played for years generation to generation in some Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Yet western countries are also familiar with Big Two under different aliases such as Top Hannah in Canada, Big Deuces or Deuce in US and Australia and Sjalalien in Netherlands.

Not only for gambling, Big Two is also known as casual game where everybody from young teenagers to elderly people can play. It’s a classic type of card game, less popular than standard poker but actually it’s easier to understand (even young teenagers can easily master the game). The game is quite challenging and players can play it for hours without feeling boring.

Another interesting fact about Big Two card game, there are a lot of variations and modifications depends on which area you live in. For example, there are two types of Big Two card game in Indonesia (known as Cap Sa): Capsa Banting or Capsa Susun. The rules are basically the same but the way of player discarding the cards is different. Capsa Banting means player needs to discards each card/card combination one by one while on Capsa Susun player will have to discard all cards at once.

We’re always excited to hear more about Big Two card game variations. If you have another different Big Two rule that you think we should know, feel free to suggest to us.

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