What’s Behind Localoco – Local and Fun!

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LocaLoco – Local and Fun


LocaLoco was founded by a team of co-founders who came from strong background in gaming, marketing, multiplayer gaming technology, business development and advanced business intelligence system.

A few of us worked together at 888 which is one of the pioneers of online gaming and the idea to create something together grew strong among us for months. Not long after we met, there was a click, there was the same passion in game development, same vision and vision and that’s how Localoco was born.

LocaLoco came from simple words. Local stands for local which strongly outlines our mission to delight global players with local favorites. Featuring local games that have been everyone’s favorites and introducing them to international market, that is our specialization.

While the second part, Loco means crazy in Spanish. The combination of the two sounds fun, catchy and precisely conveys our message. Especially when we found out that the term of “loca” is actually a feminine form of ‘crazy’. Well, it turns out that LocaLoco means double crazy double the fun for all genders!


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